The Shift Movie


Hello Dear Friends, Supporters and SHIFTERS, 

My name is Rochelle Marmorstein and I am the Producer/Director of THE SHIFT Movie. After creating two critically acclaimed documentaries, I embarked on pulling together a world class team of professional documentary artists, leading edge thinkers, cutting edge scientists, culture innovators, social entrepreneurs, and digital artists to create THE SHIFT Movie, a project that is near and dear to our collective hearts.

We call this a MOVIE MADE BY A MOVEMENT because what we are illustrating is a Movement that is the combination and culmination of all the movements to a more socially just society and peaceful world. Every one of us has a role to play and can contribute to making this a better world. Through this film, we want to show you demonstrations of those individuals who are already making a difference with passion and a commitment to positive change.
The film has magnetized incredible luminaries, leading edge thinkers, evolutionary futurists, scientists and ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I have put my life's savings into this project over the last 10 years and now we want to include you in our mission to complete this film so we can share this message of hope and possibility with the world.

We have already shot many of the visionary interviews and now we want to complete shooting the individual stories of the ordinary people stepping into their power to make a difference to their families, local communities, countries and to the world.

Technology and innovation breakthroughs are rapidly advancing the individuals' capability to make a bigger impact on the billions on the planet. We want to include some of these stories in the film to illustrate the impact that each one of us has the opportunity to create at this historical moment.



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