Spiritual Power


Real spiritual power does not come from will or desire, but is a direct expression of an aspect of the divine. As such it carries a force and focus that belong to the Absolute, and have the stamp of divine will. Through spiritual power the will of the Absolute can be directly enacted in the world. This power does not have to follow the laws of creation because it belongs to the Creator. It is not caught in the patterns of cause and effect, by which most intentions become diluted or dispersed before they are fully enacted. When an intention is born in human consciousness, it enters the realm of duality, where there is a separation between intention and action. In the process of enacting an idea, the original purity of the idea inevitably becomes distorted. Shadow dynamics also interfere, which is where power dynamics enter. TS. Eliot poignantly expresses this process:

Between the idea

And the reality

Between the motion

And the act

Falls the Shadow.

However, real spiritual power does not belong to the realm of duality or the dynamics of cause and effect. It is born on the plane of pure being, or beyond, in the uncreated emptiness. It has the capacity to interact with creation without following the laws of creation, without being caught by duality and its shadow dynamics. It is often the lack of any shadow dynamic to this energy that makes it invisible—we perceive things most easily by the shadows they create. Light upon light is more difficult to perceive than light upon darkness.

This spiritual energy that comes from beyond duality, enacted by a master who has been made free from the relative world, can come directly into life without being caught in the play of opposites and its unfolding dramas. It has the capacity to enact the will of the divine in its simple essence. Something just happens. This is what we call a miracle, when there is no logical cause, no pattern of events that appears to cause something. It just is. The divine enters life without the play of opposites, without following the process of creation. This is what makes the intercession of the divine so simple and potent.

by Lewellyn Vaughan-Lee



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